How does stand hire work?

If you are hiring a stand or pillars, there will usually be a small hire charge (£5 for pillars, £25 for stands) and a deposit (£25 for pillars, £100 for stands) both of which will be due when you pay your balance 6 weeks before.

For the deposit, you can send a cheque which I will keep until after the wedding, and return to you when the stand is delivered safely, or you can pay by any of the other means of payment I accept and I will return the deposit to you the same way you paid.

If you have hired any stands or other props from me, they should be cleaned and returned the day after the wedding to:


15 Woodstock Road
WA14 5JB


Alternatively, you can choose to have me take care of collecting the stand from the venue for a flat rate of £25 regardless of the stand or the venue.

Most couples usually opt for this, as I charge £5 per day for late stands and you can concentrate on enjoying being married, and I’ll worry about the hired equipment.

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