Cupcake Favours

Providing favours for the guests that attend your wedding breakfast is a very old tradition. These days, it is common to provide a small edible treat such as chocolates or sweets (sugared almonds are cheap yet classy) however it is also an opportunity to give your guests a special little treat.

Giving cupcake favours is a great way to let your guests feel individually valued as attendees, and if give them instead of having an actual cake, then it can be a much cheaper option too.

If you are not having a cake for any other reason, for example if you are having a wedding cheese cake, then cupcake favours are a good way to appease the traditionalists that will expect cake.

Of course, there is no reason that you can’t have cupcake favours and a wedding cake, after all – there is no such thing as too much cake.

My wedding cupcake favours start from £1 each for simple ones, and you can upgrade them with thinks such as:

  • • Metallic cases
  • • Sugar flowers
  • • Perspex boxes
  • • Name tags
  • • Ribbons


Here are some examples:

Pale Rose Wedding mini-cake favour

£6.50 each

Pink Gerbera Wedding cupcake favour

£5.50 each

Purple heart wedding cupcake favour

£5.00 each

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