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Unfortunately, this post is not about the edible sort of cookies, it’s about my least favorite type of cookie – the ones that websites used to track it’s users.

As part of the ICO’s new “Regulation 6″ better know as the cookie law, I should give you information about all of the data that our website collects, even though it is not personably attributable to you, and also give you an opportunity to opt out. If you are wondering why the link to this page was way down in the footer rather than front-and-center, I’ll be honest with you and say that I don’t want an annoying pop-up to spoil our lovely site, but also as we only collect data for analytics purposes, the web community is still not entirely sure if the law applies to this purpose, and if so it is not intended to cover this use, so I thought I’d start small and work on new notifications if the guidance regarding this new law becomes clear.

We don’t use any forms of tracking cookies that will record what you do once you leave our site, but we do use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to monitor the traffic that comes to our website. They track the following information:


– Traffic source (how you found my site)
– What you click on while you are on my site
– How long you look at each page
– Where you are from (it only records the city)
– If you searched for something to find my site, what you searched for
– If you use one of the contact forms on my website


This data isn’t personally identifiable in any way, and the only reason we collect or use it is so we can see how people found my website, how many people are using it, and what parts people use (so we can work out if parts of it are unclear or in need of attention).

We hope that you are ok with that, I think that every website in the whole world uses something similar, so it’s nothing over and above what you normally would be exposed to on the internet, but if you’d prefer for us to not collect this information, this is your opportunity to opt out, and unfortunately that means you will have to leave our website, we don’t have an option to turn it off (however we do honor browsers that have the “do not track” option enabled).

If you would prefer for this information not to be collected by us (or by Google who provides the service) but still want to make an enquiry, you can e-mail Fliss direct at

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