About Me

Hi, I’m Fliss, and I’m passionate about weddings, wedding cakes especially. I believe that a wedding cake is one of the most personal expressions of style that you can have on a wedding day, just as important as a dress!

When it comes to wedding cakes, there are so many ways to get exactly what you want. I hope that with my site your creativity and imagination is not limited by traditional styles and formal etiquette.

Whether you have seen something you like here, or elsewhere, or you have multiple ideas from different sources you want to incorporate into your wedding cake, I can help.

FlissyCakes - Organic Wedding Cakes

Fliss at work


If you know what your want for your wedding cake, you can e-mail me to discuss prices.

If you don’t know what you want for your wedding cake, you can check out my wedding cake gallery to get your creative juices flowing. The size, colour and shape of all my cakes can be customised, so don’t feel bound to what you see. I can also reproduce cakes from pictures you’ve found elsewhere.

Of course, it is essential that wedding cakes look beautiful and elegant, but they definitely need to taste great too. All my cakes are made from fresh, organic ingredients and preserved with care when under construction to ensure they arrive in perfect condition and taste delicious.