Wedding Cake Guide

The first step in designing your wedding cake is choosing the style. While there are thousands of different ways to decorate your wedding cake, most fall into 4 main categories:

Stacked Pyramid Wedding Cake

Stacked Pyramid

Perhaps the most traditional style of wedding cake, a stacked pyramid has each tier resting on top of the next.

Stacked pyramid wedding cakes can be unlimited in size (however more than 7 tiers is very impractical) and despite popular belief, you are not confined to fruit cake for the bottom tiers.

You can have any combination of shape, height and flavour for each tier.

Pillared pyramid

Another very traditional style of wedding cake, a pillared pyramid is any sort of cake where the tiers are separated. This can be with a drum or a cylinder; however columns are the most popular.

Six tiers is really the practical limit for a pillared pyramid wedding cake (however I’ve done up to 9 before) and just like a stacked pyramid, there is no restriction on height or flavour as there are hidden supports inside the cakes.

It is also popular with pillared pyramid wedding cakes to fill the spaces in between the tiers with flowers. I can supply these and set them up for you when I deliver your cake, alternatively I can pick them up from your florist on the morning of your wedding.

Pillared Pyramid Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Stands


Having your wedding cake on a stand is a relatively modern approach, and adds a whole new dimension to your cake design. A stand can turn a simple cake into an elegant display, or it can open up the top surface of each tier of your wedding cake to give a much larger surface for decoration

For stands that you hire from me, I offer a deliver and collect service so you don’t have to worry about what happens to the stand after your wedding day.

For more information on wedding cake stands, see my F.A.Q. pages “What stands are available to hire?” and “How does stand hire work?”

Cupcake Towers

A cupcake tower wedding cake is a fun and modern alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Cupcakes or mini-cakes are arranged on a specially made stand which can change in size to hold between 20 and 100 cakes with a larger cake on the top level.

Your guests will love having their own individually decorated cake to take home, yet you will still have an elegant and beautiful display, and have a cake to cut.

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcakes and mini-cakes can be made in any flavour combination, except for fruit cake.

Another way to individually treat your guests is with “Cupcake Favours”.

Big Wedding Cake

When it comes to choosing a size for the tiers of your wedding cake, the choice is entirely yours. Most people base the size of their wedding cake on the number of servings or portions they are looking to get from it. This depends on the number of guests at the reception, and if any is to be saved.

It is entirely reasonable to have a bigger cake to have spare to send to family, or because you just want a big cake or a smaller cake if you have budget or space restrictions, or you have a long way to transport it.

Some people like to have truly massive spectacle wedding cakes, where some tiers are made from polystyrene. The fake tiers are decorated just like the ones made from cake, so no-one will ever know the difference.

You can use my size calculator below to work out how many portions each size of cake will make. To learn more about partition sizes, visit my F.A.Q. page: “How big is a portion?”

FlissyCakes Wedding cake portion size calculator

Approx Portions :

Enter the size of each tier in inches. For less than 5 tiers, just enter 0.


For custom cake sizes or larger cakes, please contact me for an estimation.

Traditionally, wedding cakes were only made from fruit cake, the only type of cake that was dense enough to support the complex tiered architecture.

Rainbow Wedding Cake

However these days, fruit cake isn’t very popular, especially given the many delicious alternatives.

Nowadays, thanks to some clever hidden engineering, any type of cake can be made into any structure.

Most cakes are available in gluten and dairy free options. For more information on the special dietary requirements I cater to, see my F.A.Q. page: “Special dietary requirements”.

If you would like to sample any of my flavours before deciding which to go with see my F.A.Q. page: “Can I sample your cakes?”.

Here are all the flavours I offer in both wedding cakes and wedding cupcakes:

• Vanilla Cake
• Chocolate Cake
• Fruit Cake*
• Lemon Cake
• Orange Cake
• Madeira Cake
• Carrot Cake
• Strawberry Cake
• Coconut Cake
• Neopolitan Cake
• Choc Chip Cake
• Red Velvet Cake
• White Choc Chip Cake
• Coffee Cake
• Pineapple Cake
• Cherry Cake
• Raspberry Cake



*Not available as cupcakes

You can mix and match any of these flavours with any of these buttercream/frosting flavours:

• Vanilla
• Peppermint
• Chocolate fudge (white/milk/dark)
• Chocolate Ganache (white/milk/dark)
• Lemon
• Orange
• Toffee/Caramel
• Strawberry
• Coffee
• Coconut
And these fillings:
• Jams (strawberry, raspberry etc)
• Curds (lemon, orange etc)
• Chocolate fudge (white/milk/dark)
• Chocolate Ganache (white/milk/dark)

You can combine up to two flavours with one buttercream/frosting and one filling e.g. chocolate orange sponge cake with chocolate fudge filling and chocolate buttercream or lemon and coconut cake with lemon curd filling and coconut buttercream.

When it comes to deciding how your wedding cake will be decorated, there needn’t be anything holding back your imagination. You can have anything that you want! You can use the pictures on my site for inspiration, or you can show me pictures of cakes you’ve seen elsewhere. If you’re stuck for ideas we can work together to create your dream wedding cake.

3D Wedding Cake Design

If I’m not working from a picture, I can produce 3D computer generated models of your wedding cake design so we can make sure it looks the same in my mind as it does in yours.

Wedding Cake Colour Matching

If you have chosen your flowers and bridesmaid dresses already, I can computer colour match the icing and decoration of your cake to fabric or petal samples to make sure the colour matches perfectly.

I can also add shimmer, glitter or lustre to the icing of your cake or the sugar flowers to match every shade and style of silk, satin, chiffon or tuille

The level of decoration on your cake will ultimately depend on your budget. Decoration can be up to 75% of your total cake cost for heavily decorated cakes.

To help you get an idea of how much your wedding cake may cost, you can see guide prices for all my cakes in my “wedding cake gallery” and also on my F.A.Q. page: “How much do your cakes cost?”

Whether you want a wedding cake you’ve seen on my site, you found your dream cake elsewhere, or you’ve created your masterpiece wedding cake in your imagination, the next step is to let me know so I can give you a quote.

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